Sun Two

The Ekadanta Kulam of one, Saravananathaswami gave his report. After a year’s break from member and student communications he is back on the job. He’s moved his office and picked up the threads of continuity from Sivakatirswami who had been communicating with students and member in his stead for a year.

The Pillaiyar Kulam also gave news of their activities. Shanmuganathaswami has been away for a month and is now back working hard on Hinduism Today subscriptions and preparing for the next trip to California. Muruganathaswami reports that there has been a rise of sales of the complete trilogy on our internet minimela site. Some people as far away as Finland have ordered all three books.

No Food, No Water. I'm Just Fine!

The latest marvelous issue of Hinduism Today is out and hitting the streetts. Miracles still do happen. Prahlad Jani, a yogi from Rajasthan neither eats nor drinks. Don’t believe it? Neither did a lot of people in India. But he agreed to be put under observation, went to Mumbai and was sequestered in a room where doctors and medical workers all verified that he did fine with no food or water. Read about it in the October Issue of Hinduism Today!

Yesterday's Tour

As our tour guests walk the garden path, the monks are busy pouring gallons of milk, yogurt, ghee and honey on Kadavul Nataraja for the monthly Ardra Puja. The bells and chanting are ringing through the air.

Take a deep breath! Guests are always surprised as we walk through nature’s gateway here and find the temple on the other side.

The number of those who have experienced Iraivan increased by close to 90 souls today. About half were circumnabulating Iraivan when we snapped this.

With summer fading and fewer children, “big people” can now practice a little stone carving.

Ambarish, Anaradha and Samdev from New Jersey. Anaradha used to attend the Flushing Ganesha Temple when she was a young girl and absolutely loves Kauai Aadheenam!

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