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  • Bodhinatha voyages tomorrow to Denver, LA, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. #

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Sun One Begins a New Phase

We began a new phase today, without homa, deferring our high ceremonial till tomorrow morning’s Chitra puja for Gurudeva this month.

Bodhinatha, Shanmuganathswami and Siddhanathaswami will also be departing for California tomorrow for their annual mainland “Donor Appreciation” events, and another leg to meet devotees in Oregon and Seattle.

Meanwhile get many testimonies from pilgrims to Kauai who return home changed souls. We are sharing this on today from a pilgrim who wishes to remain anonymous:

“My husband, son, daughter and I visited Kauai several years ago and we were all awe struck by the natural surroundings and its beauty. What was even more wonderful was the peaceful feeling that overtook me when I was on the temple grounds. It was one of those rare moments of bliss that you feel when you don’t feel anything about yourself and enjoy the moment. We visited the temple two days in a row and were present during the special abhishekam. All of us were there bright and early to be a part of it. My son was in his final year of high school and I had some concerns about him. I was afraid that he was not meeting the full potential of the special intelligence that God has given him (I suppose most parents feel this way). I did have a lot to be thankful for… he was not into drugs, alcohol etc. But like most teens, his behavior altered and I was not adjusting to it well. Bodhinatha swami must have sensed my anguish while we were in his presence. But being in the temple with all of you had a very calming effect on me.

“After returning home, I would fall asleep many nights thinking about the peaceful feeling of the temple. One night I felt as though Bodhinatha Swami flew over my bed. I opened my eyes and sat up. I could smell sandalwood. It was hard to explain the fragrance if it was a dream. I understood it to mean that Bodhinatha Swami was blessing my family and that perhaps I should alter my thinking to have some peace of mind.

“My son has since graduated high school and college and is currently employed. He has the drive and ambition that I had hoped he would have to live a good, healthy and prosperous life. This is all with the blessings of all of you. Thank you very much.

“Your devotee”

Decorating Ganesha in California

Kartikeya Katir’s Ganesha’s were put to us in Californiaas devotees there prepared for Ganesha Chaturthi tomorrow.

Gowrie Sankara, holds up a clay Ganesha getting ready to be painted.

Preparing paints

A red head crown for Ganapati.

Monastery Archway Images

A quite step back in time on the day of the installation of the archway pillars.

September Ganesha Homa at Spiritual Park

Preparations are going full swing at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius in view of this coming's Sunday grand celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi at the Park. Today we had our September Ganesha Homa, a large crowd of devotees as usual …… and Lord Ganapati looking splendidly striking with all the garlands and flowers.

A few days ago the gravel path from the main gate leading to the Mandapam was covered with lava rocks…

Another major project being studied is the extension of the Ganesha Mandapam to allow more shelter for the increasing number of devotees coming during Ganesha Homa and major festivals. Here is Akshay, one of our selected architects giving a graphic demonstration of a new proposed extension to our kulapaties.

Back to our September Homa… A few devotees worshipping at the Muruga Mandapam early morning.

Lord Siva Dakshina Blessing devotees on this special occasion…

You can see the huge flow of devotees going down the property from the main entrance leading to the Ganesha Mandapam.

Here they are now all infront of the Ganesha Mandapam.

Worship is always intense while the ceremony is going on…

Kulapati SK Moorghen announcing about the special religious ceremony for students on October 3, 2010 at the Park which he is coordinating.

The monthly talk borrowed from Dancing With Siva, Mandala 16 stressing on Marriage and raising a family.

Ganesha Chaturthi this weekend! All TAKA viewers are invited to attend Ganesha Chaturthi at the Spiritual Park on Sunday. Aum.

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