Remembering Gurudeva

Yesterday was Gurudeva’s Jayanthi Day. He would have been 87 years old. Devotees in Bethesda Maryland remember him. Here is their story.

Ganapathi Thunai.


In 1981 late Mr. Saravanapavan and his wife Pathmini met Gurudeva in Kauai and expressed the wishes of the devotees in Maryland metropolitan area to build a Murugan Temple. Gurudeva presented them with a murthi of Ganesha and told them, “Take Him and pray to Him; you will definitely have a temple. But, Ganesha works very slowly.” This Ganesha murthi arrived their home in Bethesda (Maryland) on Gurudeva’s birthday 05 January 1982 (a divine coincidence). Devotees used their home as a “Temple” for the next five years, and the Ganesha murthi was moved to one of the houses in the land that was purchased in Lanham (Maryland) for the Murugan Temple in 1987. This Ganesha murthi had been installed in the Murugan Temple in the main Ganesha shrine, and Gurudeva attended the Kumbabishekam in May 1999 (17 years after He said “Ganesha works very slowly”). Today, Mrs. Pathmini Saravanapavan arranged a Special Abishekam to Ganesha, celebrating both Gurudeva’s Birthday and also the day the devotees received His Ganesha murthi. Here you see the Ganesha with Gurudeva after the Abishekam. Jai Ganesha. Jai Gurudeva.

With love,
Nigel Siva

Mrs. Pathmini Saravanapavan

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  1. Sankuthi (Chandra Hoezoo) says:

    Siva Siva!

    I am delighted to see Lord Ganesha with Gurudeva after the Abishekam on Gurudeva’s Jayanthi Day. A small prayer was done by Selvam Kurukkal of Nelliyadi, Jaffna,Sri Lanka,at the Highgate Hill Murugan Temple in Archway, London, to remember Gurudeva’s Jayanthi Day. Incidentally, all three Kurukkals at the Archway Temple wear the ‘Om Namasivaya’ bracelets from Iraivan Temple brought by Gurukkal Kumar and given to them. Thank you Siva and Pathmini for organizing and sharing the pictures!

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