Mauritius: Akshay Plants Parijata

This morning got a call from the contractor who is working on the developments here. He asked permission for his son to plant a most sacred jasmine plant at the Spiritual Park.

He announced the departure of his son Akshay to USA for further studies in architecture on a scholarship. He prayed to Lord Ganesha and was happy that his son came out first in the world, on technical drawings. Akshay is the leaving day after tomorrow. He helped with the drawings for the extension to Ganesha Mandapam plans and water front works.

The Jasmine plant was planted in the afternoon, today 11-1-11, on the beginning of fasting for Thai Poosam Cavadee, in presence of his family members.

Best wishes to you Akshay in your studies in USA!

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  1. Jean Pierre d'Hotman says:

    Hi Akshay, hope you are well and so is your studies in the USA . Here in Mauritius Island I’m probably the only person madly in love with this fabulous tree and I have one growing at the entrance door of my Guest House at La Gaulette {Happy Days Guest House } my tree is blooming at the moment leaving an incredible fragrance. Hope we can meet up when you next in Mauritius.
    Parijata for ever !
    Looking forward to meet up with you.
    Kind regards. J P

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