The Preserver of All that Is

Our master artist in Amsterdam has completed the third in our Sadasiva series and sent this scan to the monastery today. Here we have Siva in His aspect of Vamadeva. His element is water. His symbol is the lotus. His syllable from the great NAMASIVAYA mantram is MA. His power is preservation (represented here by the green flowing energies to the left and right of the pink lotus flower).

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  1. markandu says:

    Homage to the God whom is everything. Homage to Lord Sadasivam. May Him be glorified. May the world know more of Him. Jai Lord Siva.

  2. marimaru says:

    om namah Shivaya! om Vamadeva!conserva nuestro espiritu aneloso de realizacion hasta unirnos al DIOS SIVA!!!

  3. Nalini G says:

    Absolutely beautiful!
    Aum Namah Sivaya

  4. jayakarthik says:


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