Yamas and Niyamas Card Games and Books

During the last innersearch we had classes with Aarti and Mayuresh on the Yamas and Niyamas. Sivakatirswami asked Aarti and Mayuresh to help design some games. We started with “memory cards”.

There are 40 cards, 20 for the Yamas and 20 for the Niyamas. For each Yama and Niyama there is a Title card and a Meaning card, that match. It’s been some time in development and we finally got to producing a prototype which we printed and played together today.

This was an important meeting, without these two high class game designers and consultants we would be lost!

Aarti and Mayuresh also created three additional games using the cards: Go Fish-Yama! and “My Yama Niyama Life” (You draw a card and then you share some personal experience related to that yama or Niyama) and also “Make a Story” (You draw a card and then you create a story related to that card and then next person draws card, repeats the story from the first person and adds and additional piece to the story, but related to the card he drew.)

One mission critical change was made by our team today: orientation of the cards needs to be vertical in order to encompass the game play for more than just the Memory Game.

Aarti and Mayuresh also participated in the development of the two new books. On Skype they read aloud to Arumugaswami all the twenty stories and commented on the vocabulary and concepts. This was an important contribution. Today they get to see the final product.

Stay tuned for more Yama and Niyama fun in the future.

The Ebook versions will soon be available and they include audio readings of the stories.

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  1. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    jai Ganesa! Great work Aarti an Mayuresh!You both look so happy and we thank you for your wonderful contribution to such a project.We look forward to playing as well. Aum Shanti and much gratitude to your fantastic parents.

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