Sun Three

The Siddhidata Kulam gave their report. Yoginathaswami is coordinating another huge project to upgrade the main electrical service from the outside powerlines into the Aadheenam. He is doing drawings and coordinating with a local electrical engineer and the local power company’s engineer from Kauai Island Utility Cooperative. Kulapati Easvan Param has kindly offered his seva to this project had has come over to Kauai to assist Yoginathaswami with the drawings and logistical planning. Once the project is detailed enough to go there will be a lot of new conduit placed underground, new power boxes to be installed here and there.

It’s a huge job. Easvan is planning to return to Kauai with a team from California, possibly Easan Shankar and Jothi Param to be here to help the Siddhidata Kulam when the job finally hits the ground.

On the garden side, Sadhaka Adinatha reports on the continuing work of growing food for the Aadheenam. Sadhaka Tejadevanatha is in charge of a lot of vehicle and equipment maintenance along with Sadhaka Rajanatha and the whole team gets together periodically to take care of grounds maintenance in different areas.

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