Wailua Mission Members Cleaning Statues

Each year Kulapati Deva Seyon and Tandu Sivanathan take joy in cleaning the Big Nandi in front of Kadavul. They continued on today working on Tiruvalluvar and Tirumular in front of the monastery courtyard.

This was one of the first two pieces of granite that Gurudeva had shipped from India, since then there has been a non-stop flow of marvels sponsored by Saiva Siddhanta Church and Himalayan Academy.

Of course there is Iraivan, but also many Ganesha murtis for temples all over the world, giant statues for here and Mauritius, and art work… more pieces than you can count, all gracing our grounds, our temples, our books, the internet.

It is all part of a not-so-secret plan to “infiltrate, uplift and illumine” the planet with Hindu cultural and religious imagery and teachings.

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