Tour Day Review

On March 2nd we had a big tour. Kulapati
Deva Seyon has the story:

Countdown before rush hour!
Robert, our very gracious parking attendant awaits the coming wave of
guests. Robert protects our neighbors from cars blocking their driveways
or mail boxes and keeps Public Tour Day as transparent as possible.

Hams Zee Vat and his wife Sylvia from
Lawai, with guests Tineke Dros from Holland and Elvrine Chow from Kapaa.
Members of the Sierra Club, they met Gurudeva years ago when He was
invited to give talks to their group. “We knew he was very special -- we
could feel His shakti!”

The Ganapati Kulam building (the eagles
nest) from the the Ritau flag pole.

The tour reservations were booked solid as
is the pattern now-a-days.

Wondrous sights for our visitors.

These beautiful families are now Iraivan
temple builders. Madhav and Sheela Jambotkar from Louisiana, Vishnas,
Arati and Neil Godbole from Saratoga California

Ravi and Sheela Rahavendran happened to be
in the Mini Mela when Bodhinatha arrived for his book signing and had
some Rudraksha’s blessed.

Vasant and Lata with their daughter from
Maryland take advantage of this rare opportunity to chat with

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