Tour Day

It is Tour Day today and Bodhinatha meets guests at our Minimela.

Rogini and Jean-Marie are heading back to Montreal today and they couldn’t resist an opportunity to say aloha to Bodhinatha in the Mini Mela during His book signing session.

As the tour group heads out to Iraivan, Shama freshens the Andara Crystal each morning as one of her many seva duties. This crystal was gifted to Bodhinatha from an elderly Native American Indian lady who brought many such gifts to the monastery over the years.

Among the “show stoppers” on the tour is the Blue Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys). It is a spectacular vine that climbs up over seventy feet into the canopy above. Blue is such a rare color for flowers and they rain down on the path creating a very mystical effect.

Home schooled in Poipu, this is Jader Hamid age 11. He is with his grandmother Diana and his father Haben. He was very attentive with an unusual maturity.

Amanda Bradley, a professional tour guide from the Hearst Castle in San Simeon California, was attending a symposium on ecological advances when a picture of Iraivan Temple came across the screen. Amanda had already traveled to Tibet to gather sacred leaves and She was soon on a airplane to experience Iraivan personally. “What a wonderful Place”! She kept repeating.

“Immortal souls on a wondrous journey!”

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