Bodhinatha Visits Austin and Fort Worth

As we departed San Antonio, God Siva blessed us with a very nice vahana for our guru for the long drives to Austin, Fort Worth, Shreveport (Louisiana) and Houston. Here's Bodhinatha, ready for his road trip.

In Austin, we were hosted by Kumari Devi Sivam and her husband Ravi Ramaraju, mother Vasuki and daughter Bhuma. They enjoyed having darshan with Bodhinatha in our North Austin hotel.

The Austin Hindu Temple is building a traditional temple, and currently they have this large hall housing all the Deities.

Bodhinatha gave his presentation to a crowd of about 40 people here on Monday evening.

It was our great pleasure to run into Paulette Reynolds and Roze Chikiar (Roze pictured here), the mother and sister of our very own Sadhaka Rajanatha. Paulette and Roze visited Kauai in 2009, and it was nice to reconnect on their home turf.

Next was up north to Fort Worth, where Bodhinatha spoke for the second time at the Hindu Temple of Fort Worth's temporary facility.

This tight-knit group has acquired a beautiful piece of land and is also in the process of planning for building a traditional temple.

Dr. Subrahmanyam Boyareddi is the chairman of this temple. He is a great fan of the monastery and everything we do. Bodhinatha generously gave a copy of our Master Course Trilogy for the temple library. Next we drove east to beautiful Shreveport, Louisiana. Stay tuned for more on that!

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