Gurudeva's Podcast Regenerated

Years ago we had a collection of 365 talks by Gurudeva. These were the best of his TAKA upadeshas in answer to Cybercadet questions along with his recordings of Merging with Siva. The RSS feed was to roll-over and start again each year, but it did not. We finally have it working again. For those who are facile with RSS use this URL in your favorite reader to play the latest “episode”

If you are not facile with RSS you can listen to these on your computer and also get a different image of Gurudeva every time you load the talk. (quicktime required on your machine)

Just download our small application to your desktop. And we also have a linux version, finally!

Inspired short talks by a Mystical Master

RSS Feed

This podcast features short daily episodes, from one to seven minutes long, of talks given by one of the most influential and inspiring spiritual leaders of our time. Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami’s discourses range from deeply esoteric subjects to everyday human concerns, always revealing the enlightened perspective of a Hindu mystical master.

Gurudeva’s Daily Podcast player: A small application that plays Gurudeva’s Podcast for the day.

These are newly issued apps and we have tested the Mac and Linux versions, if you are a windows users, we have made a proper Windows Installer. We would appreciate feedback that it is working well or not. Please email “[email protected]” with your comments. Be sure to tell us what system you are using.

We are not making mobile apps at this time. Android users may be able to just run the RSS feed. Right now these talks are not available at the Apple store. When they do become available there we will let you know and you can get them on your iPod. Meanwhile the above application will get the day talk for you on your desktop.

One Response to “Gurudeva's Podcast Regenerated”

  1. Nalini G says:

    Jai Ganapati!
    Thank you so much. I have missed his podcast. Now there back yay!

    Aum shanti

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