Bodhinatha's State of the Church Address for 2011

Vasaant Karma Yoga

Vasaant is proving to be a valuable contributor to any endeavor we give him. This phase he is serving in the Ganapati Kulam. His first job is to scan the original artwork on silk of the magnificent paintings of the five forms of Sadasiva.

On Iraivan day which fell on our retreat, Vasaant was pressure washing out at Iraivan Temple.

Wailua Mission Iraivan Fund Raising Activies

Visitors, Vasant from Sinagapore on Task Force and Dasan Mahadevan on pilgrimage from San Diego, CA are offering help with placing drilled rudraksha beads on the power washing racks.

Each month, weeks before the gathering for working on the rudraksha bead project, Rajadeva Alahan, back left and Durvasa Alahan front right, drill the beads by hand with a small dremel power drill. Kulapati Deva Seyon, front left is always supportive and willing to lend a hand with the project.

New arrivals to Kauai, Chamundi Sabanathan from CA and Jutikadevi Sivaraju from GA ( both in the fore ground) are quick to learn the mala making process. Kamala Guhan has mastered the rudraksha bracelets and makes keychains throughout the month. Isani Alahan and Oma ( Irene Scott) make malas during the month when the stock runs low in the Mini-Mela. All of the devotees are feeling fulfilled working on this karma yoga project.

Ganesha from Orrisa, India lovingly displays the rudraksha malas.

Chitra Puja

Our 3-day retreat included Chitra Pada Puja. Sadhaka Tejadevanatha and Sadhaka Rajanatha were the pujaris.

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