Blessings for new Vahana

Our Tamil New Year has brought us an unexpected boon. One of our neighbor's daughter, Vicki, came by the Mini Mela a few days ago. Her father had passed away in January, and Vicki's mother Betty asked whether we would accept her husband's electric powered EZ-Go golf cart. Betty has been to the monastery on many occasions, and she attended the concrete pour for the Iraivan Foundation. Betty's husband, Chuck, only used the cart to drive to the mail box each day, so the cart was in excellent condition. Bodhinatha and the talaivars were delighted to accept the gift. The cart was driven to the monastery, and Sadhaka Nandinatha performed the car blessing ceremony in front of Kadavul Temple.

The ceremony is done to bless and purify the vehicle and prayers are done for a long and safe life for the cart. Limes are placed under the tires in order to distract any negative forces from the vehicle.

The ceremony concludes with Bodhinatha driving over the limes. He drives forward, then in reverse.

The cart is small enough that it can be driven on the sidewalk. Bodhinatha stops in front of his office. It is a powerful little cart, able to climb all of our steep hills on our 51 acres. Thank you Chuck, Betty and Vicki for this most wonderful and useful gift.

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