Bringing Gurudeva to Life in Bronze

On April 23, our two Paramacharyas flew from Kauai to Hilo on the Big Island, some 320 miles. That’s Hilo with the red and white dot, on the Eastern shore of Hawaii.

Their mission was to review the progress of the Gurudeva bronze statue. Here he is, standing in Holly Young’s new studio (Gurudeva is the first major piece sculpted in this space.)

In the finished bronze, the Rudrakshas will be in metal, they are here just to show the overall effect. The hair and beard are not finished, just roughed in.

He is standing in traditional sandals.

Holly is a masterful artist, and her love of Gurudeva is reflected in the amazing likeness. One feels as if standing in the physical presence.

In the final work, the temple architect will be standing in front of Gurudeva, who is sharing his vision of Lord Siva and his plan to build a Siva temple on Kauai.

Holly is working on the satguru’s khadi robes, capturing their folds. She has a plan to take a tiny rake (about one inch side with 15-20 teeth) and go vertical and then horizontal over the entire murthi, creating the look of weaving in the bronze!

Paramacharya Sivanathaswami performed a puja, invoking Gurudeva’s presence. It worked. As soon as the puja ended, the two glass doors slammed shut.

Long-time devotee Hitesvara was kind enough to be the chauffeur for our traveling swamis, to and from the airport. We had not asked him to bring it, but he intuited the need for a puja kit and brought it along with flowers from his Summa Iru Garden in Hilo.

For two hours Holly and the swamis went over every detail of the sculpture, refining, suggesting, correcting--to make it perfect.

Here Paramacharya Sadasivanatha holds a photo up to check details on the face and head.

Holly will spend months finishing the work, a little longer due to the visit! She hosted the swamis for lunch on a porch overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with a near 180-degree view of the sea, 1,500 feet below. Quite spectacular.

Thank you, Holly. Thank you, Hitesvara. Thank you, Gurudeva.

5 Responses to “Bringing Gurudeva to Life in Bronze”

  1. Sankuthi says:

    Jai Ganesha!

    It is truly wonderful to see the ‘almost’ complete bronze statue of Gurudeva – looking absolutely real! His gesture seems to covey everything one needs to know about the spiritual life in this world. Fantastic work of art! Thanks to the sculptor and the Monks. Looking forward to the statue of the Temple architect.

    My first experience of a Guru’s statue was at Skanda Vale, in the hills of Wales. in the United Kingdom. of Guru Sri Subramanium. The moment I approached this Guru’s statue contrary to Hindu tradition I placed both my hands on his knees and prayed. On my return to London I received an explanation from a Hindu Priest as to why I had prayed that way almost unconsciously!

  2. Padmaja says:

    Thank you Holly for your exquisite piece of art, although not finished, looks and feels so real. For some of us, it will our first ever encounter with Gurudeva on the physical plane, and I so look forward to it.
    Jai Gurudeva!

  3. Nalini G says:

    I’m absolutely speechless!! Amazing work Holly!! Your a genius!
    Jai Ganapati
    Jai Gurudeva!!


  4. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Jai Ganesa! Yes Yes indeed what masterful work ! I am looking forward as Padmaja pointed out, it will be my first encounter with Gurudeva on the physical plane. Holly, we are so blessed to have you present Gurudeva to us in this form. I know that the finished work will be magnificent .Thank you Satguru and monks for making this possible. Aum Shanti .

  5. vasanthi rajaratnam says:

    Tks sister holly for such beautiful work of Gurudeva.amazing work with love and namasivaya. Ellam avan seyal.

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