Pilgrims have Darshan with Bodhinatha

Today we began a new phase with an inspiring homa, Bodhinatha’s next installment on Purpose, Plan Persistence and Push, a tour day, pilgrims and sunshine!

Satish, Usha and Akhila family were back this morning to have darshan with Bodhinatha. They got some advice about giving help to others, and discussed the Silver Vel satsang group that they are members of. The satsang group meets to discuss Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami’s teachings and how to apply in one’s life, and they also seek to raise funds for Iraivan Temple project. This family has been coming regularly to Kauai for a long time, once a year if possible and they were blessed to have met Gurudeva here years ago.

Entry Way Yalli Stones Quarried

The two giant stones that will form the two sides of the steps to Iraivan have been quarried in India.

Iraivan’s sanctum door.

Iraivan’s Nandi in progress

A wax model of the yet to be carved wooden facia to be applied to Iraivan’s entry doors.

Andre's Eyes on Iraivan

Andre joined the tour today with his camera… a view from a different angle.

This lovely carving stands at the entrance of Tiruneri, blessing visitors on the way in.

This is an excellent view of Rishi Valley. Some years ago Bodhinatha had a vision of this area being cleaned up and developed. We brought in the heavy equipment and removed the tangle of jungle protoplasm. Tandu Sivanathan then went to work to landscape the area, bringing in some bonzai from his collection. Now all the exposed earth has become covered with grass and flowers.

We have a few egrets who have made Kauai Aadheenam lands their home.

A lovely perspective of Iraivan. Kulapati Deva Seyon guides the pilgrims.

Deva tells the crowd about the Rudraksha.

For some reason today a lot of pilgrims were inspired to try to eat the blue rudraksha fruit.

While it is edible, many would consider the fruit far from palatable. There is only 1/8 inch of fruit on the seed and it is a bit bitter and quite astringent.

Still, Andre says he says some avid naturalists, with handfuls of rudraksha, munching on the fruit. Perhaps it has some magical properties that inspires ingestion by the untutored. Ayurveda says that what is bitter from some may be sweet for others.

A good over view of the Wailua Valley, mountain range and Iraivan in the distance, from the Media Studio.

Sri Somesvara Temple Received Hanuman Bell Gift

At the Kumbhabhishekam of the Sri Somesvara Siva Temple in the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, Kulapati Easan Katir presents a gift from Satguru Bodhinatha to the temple’s founder, Dr. Michael Mamas. It is a heavy brass Hanuman bell, handcrafted in Hardwar, India. The pujari spontaneously chants a prayer to Hanuman Ji and says they will use it every day during the temple pujas.

The sanctum of the temple was carved in India. The five-day Kumbhabhishekam was conducted by 9 priests. The Siva temple is the centerpiece of a 300-acre Vastu-planned community.

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