Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-05-24

    Tandu and Vel pose with the Frosted Cookie Cactus, which they helped plant in Siva's Garden this morning. #

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  1. David Lippmann says:

    Dear Tandu, I remember so long ago, when I first met you!

    Thank you, for all your blessings. I love you with all my heart.


  2. Thanabalan & Ahila Ganesan says:

    Aum Sivaya,
    It has been some time since we last saw you, bro Tandu and uncle Vel.
    My wife and i will not forget how much you have assisted during our stay in Kauai. God bless you !
    t care
    aum aum
    Thanabalan & Ahila Ganesan

  3. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Om Sivaya,
    Two lovely souls.I too want to join in & say nice things about you,esp Tandu Sivanathan,a very gracious person everytime I met.Thank you for the Pizza party you & wife Uma gave us in your beautiful home.And Vel Al(zh)agan cooked one of the best sambars(dhall I ever tasted.Its the thought & generosity that overhelmns one when coming across such souls.Thank you

  4. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Om Sivaya
    I forgot to mention the year.It was in year 2005 when I joined Ahila & Thanabalan in a group of 10-11 people from Malaysia on a very meaning full pilgrimmage to Kauai monastery.

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