Satsang at Mission House, Cap Malheureux, Mauritius

Our kuthumba was gathered at Kulapathi Manogaran and Kulamatha Selvom home yesterday 26 May 2011 for a wonderful satsang. Here Jayendra is deeply immersed during the silent pada puja.

Everyone present sang some Natchintanai songs and some more bhajans.

The puja room was nicely decorated and one can feel the pleasant vibration inside.Gurudeva is truly here…24/24 still living with us. Aum.

Anne Sumandiren Peruman guided all members in the Sivachaitanya Panchatantra meditation experiencing Nada,Jyoti,Prana,Sakti and Darsana.After the meditation, we all participated in the Siva Homam.

It was an important part of the Satsang. We had a powerful homam !!!

Kulapathi Manon explained one lesson in Dancing With Siva:Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism, Sivena Saha Nartanam. Kulapati encouraged all sisyas to continue planning ahead and to complete all unfinished work.He reminded all of us that the key word for the Nartana Ritau is planning.

Members gave their testimony about how they are living the lesson in DWS, Mandala 6:The nature of the soul,sloka 27 "How is our soul different from Siva". Here anne Caramben is expressing himself.

Before partaking dinner,all men present gave their views about the various work going on at the Spiritual Park,Mauritius and also discussed about making a list of all former members of the church.

Here is our young lovely children!Front row: Gunavalli and her brother Somasundaram. At the back from left to right: Deepanjali,Jayendra,Hemavathi and Yashomati. AUMSIVAYA !

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