Yesterday's Tour Day

As our new enlarged parking area was opened today so we expanded our reservations a little and our guests were all so happy we did. Teachers, restaurant owners, engineers, musicians, and nurses to name a few.

The Albezia trees are in full bloom. The monks have to be on constant lookout for the kikis of this fast growing, prehistoric looking tree. They look magnificent but are classed as an invasive species in the state of Hawaii.

They can reach 20 feet their first year, heading for 60 feet and the crown of the Albizia can be so broad as to shade over half an acre completely crowding out native species.

We have several bee hives at the Aadheenam and the bees are really working hard to harvest all the nectar from these blossoms.

Rudraksha season is light and late this year. We were a little bit concerned as this year we had a very big wind storm as the trees were flowering. Fortunately we still see “green” fruits coming -- so not to worry.

Up to this point the Wailua Mission still have a large supply of Rudraksha malas and other Rudraksha items in our Mini Mela.

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