Humor for the Day: A Message from the Animal World

It has come to the attention of the animal kingdom that more people are eating meat in China and are even trying to buy land in Brasil and other countries to raise soybeans and corn to feed all the chickens and pigs they plan to raise back in China.

Hinduism Today was contacted by the International Porcine Society. Their Vice President pictured here, a dynamic young organizer and forthright spokesman for the species, asked that we inform homo sapiens how they feel about this new trend.

He reminded us that in South India, “Saiva” is synonymous with Vegetarian.

One Response to “Humor for the Day: A Message from the Animal World”

  1. Ritesh Varma says:

    I have a question. If your child had passed away 12 years ago. And upon looking at this picture, the little cute pig in it through its darshan said to you that it was your child that passed away 12 years that had reincarnated as that cute little piggy and that it was on its way to get butchered right after the picture was snapped to become someones roast suckling pig, what would you do?

    What actions would you take? Would you easily say, well that’s my childs karma, that’s what my child has to go through? Or would you get down on your knees right now and pray as hard as possible to Lord Ganesha to save your child who had reincarnated as that cute little piggy and was now on that picture on TAKA?

    Aum. Please family, let us consider the state of slumber we sleep in when it comes to being considerate to others but how quick we act when it comes to a benefit for our own gain.

    Aum, I love all of you, and my Lord Shiva bless all of you with attention, concentration, meditation, and samadhi. And my Lord Muruga bless you all with the secret ingredient of willpower.

    Aum Aum
    Ritesh Varma

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