Maha Sivaratri 2010 — New Slide Show Technology

As we proceed with developments in the background on the future of our new web site make over, we will release little “tidbits” when we can.

One major upgrade will be to put modern slideshow technology to work that (for the nerds among you) does not use Flash, and which has a very simple content management system that will allow us to create slide show efficiently with little task over head and also be able repurpose easily in the future.

Here is an example of taking content from the past and making it evergreen and accessible going forward, as many of these slideshows are teachings in themselves. Enjoy now, here-to-fore “rahasya” (secret) images inside the sanctum of Kadavul. Click the image to enlarge to full screen. And move you mouse up and down or left to right to pan the images.
(May not work in IE7-8; use Firefox, Safari or Chrome or Opera)

Maha Sivaratri, 2010

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