Continued Work on Digital Artwork and Photos

Today in the Ganapati Kulam Senthilnathaswami and Mayuran are working on digital imagery. Here, Senthilnathaswami is color correcting all the images that will be in our new book on the line of Guru's, "The Guru Chronicles".

This is Gurudeva in India on the 1983 Innersearch speaking at a temple in Tamil Nadu. Mr. Murti, who has since gone to Siva's feet, is translating for the audience. Mr Murti was our Indian liaison officer for several decades. He had amazing executive powers. There was nothing he could not get done. We will always remember him for his dedicated service.

Mayuran is scanning our whole Rajam Art Collection at high resolution. This utterly fantastic collection of art will eventually be available online in our new digital library website.

Much of this art is present in the Trilogy books, and we will show you large sized versions in the days to come.

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