Progress on Gurudeva's Life-Sized Statue

Today our sculptor on the Big Island, Holly Young, sent a series of photos of the next stage of Gurudeva’s bronze statue, seen here in her studio.

There is much to be done, she notes, such as the refinement of the robes which will actually show the weave of the cotton!

But one gets the idea of the powerful details and spirit of the work.

Here is an especially telling angle. We see Gurudeva’s robes, flowing in space. It’s hard to believe this is solid wax and later will become metal and not fabric.

There will be a base on which Gurudeva stands, and that base will also be placed in a giant lotus of bronze. Jai to our dear, dear Gurudeva!

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  1. Sahana says:

    Jai Dear Gurudeva!

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