Ganesha July 2011 Homa- Spiritual Park Mauritius

We bring you a few photos of the July 2010 Ganesha Sunday Homa at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius.

Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati at the Park has now become the favorite deity of many Hindu worshippers of the island.

The new car park after this part of the land was cleared in the ex-devastanam area.

The flow of devotees entering the Park early morning. Here we are at the main gate.

Just at the main gate there is a niche for a small Ganesha deity. Worship starts right here by all visitors coming in… lots of incense in the air.

New developments at the sides of the Waterfront. The ground is being leveled and new plants have been put into the soil.

Devotees queuing up in two parallel lines to offer their trays of offerings at the small Ganapati Shrine.

Patient and calm they are now a few metres close to the Ganapati shrine.

In the meantime, on the upper grounds of the property, a few volunteers helping to fill in sliced fruits and sweets in plastic bags to be offered as prasadam after the ceremony.

Just married!

This couple, the bridegroom originally from India and bride the daughter of a Friend of the Park in Mauritius wanted to make their first visit as a newly married couple to Lord Ganapati at the Park just a few hours after their wedding ceremony.

They said they feel blessed to be here.

Inside the Ganesha Mandapam crowded as usual…

The four kulapatis officiating the ceremony…

Devotees outside …

Sanjay Matadeen a MC student giving a testimony about how Lord Ganesha blessed him and his wife with a baby girl, after 3 years of marriage and is thankful to the Guru who gave a beautiful name to his newborn daughter.

Kulapati Siven koothan, the talaivar of the day, gave a talk on the Guru's teachings on Family Harmony.

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