Tour Day Guests as the Aadheenam

Recent Public Tour days brought some wonderful guest to support us in our presentation. Rajeshta and Prema are from Memphis Tennessee. They have met both Gurudeva & Bodhinatha when they visited their Temple in Tennessee.

The “educational” part of the tour brings forth a few basic beliefs of the Hindus. Hinduism is such a misunderstood religion that many people are simply amazed how beautiful and simple the basic tenants are. Among ideas they seem to enjoy hearing is that Hindus believe that God is not far away. That He is the sustaining power and conscious presence throughout the Universe -- the divine unbounded energy flowing through everyone and all things.

This is the happy group for the June 29th. tour, when Bodhinatha was still on the island and many had an opportunity to get books signed and questions answered.

Among them were Bhagnana & Smita Joshi from Baltimore Maryland. They had met Bodhinatha when he came to their temple in Maryland and they were so happy to be here and meet with Bodhinatha after the tour.

We maxed out the telephoto on our little camera to watch this little guy watch all of us parade by.

This is the beautiful Denduluri family. Aditya on the left is working in the Bay Area in a Web Start up company. We got to know Murali & Shanti (parents) from Albuquerque, who came two years ago and this time they are back with their two sons. Sahitya on the far right will be starting medical school in the fall at the University of Chicago. They were such a wonderful support for us and an inspiration to all our tour guests.

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