Swamis From Karnataka Come for One Day Visit

The Adichunchanagiri Maha Samstana Math is Karnataka’s largest Hindu religious institution. Under the able guidance of His Holiness Sri Sri Balagangadharanathaswami for over three decades, this ancient natha monastery has grown to become a leading force for dharma in South India. The Math has over 27 institutions including schools, orphanages, hospitals, agricultural centers, homes for battered women and more, serving the people of Karnataka.

Swami has sent six of his monks on a world tour visiting devotees in several countries. On their way home now, he directed them to stop at Kauai Aadheenam before their final leg home to India. They arrived late last night. and came over to visit with us this morning.

Nirmalanandanatha serves directly under Balagangadharanathaswami at the Math in Bellur. The other swamis traveling with him each reside and serve at other institutions under the aegis of the Math.

A visit to Shanmugam under the banyan tree.

Nirmalanandanatha Swamiji

Balagangadharanatha has established a strong routine of daily sadhana and service for his monks. They rise at 4:30 each day to perform hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation, follow by morning puja. Only after several hours of sadhana do they being their social service about 9:30 am each morning. In the evening the perform puja in their main temple and conduct bhajans and retire to study scripture and for more meditation each night before going to bed.

All the monks in Swami’s order are well trained in Sanskrit. Together they chant during the morning Siva puja in Kadavul temple.

The group came equipped with Samsung tablets which they used to take video. After puja the visited our media lab. Nirmalanandanatha Swami looks forward to taking some of the technology he saw here back to India.

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami meets with the group and shares with them the details of our work, mission and monastic life.

No Responses to “Swamis From Karnataka Come for One Day Visit”

  1. Ushadevi says:

    Jai to All !!!

  2. Sankuthi (Chandra Hoezoo) says:

    Jai Ganesha! Thank you for sharing the news of the Swamis from Karnataka! A great joy and pleasure to see such devoted Swamis serving God and the needy! The picture above of the Swami about to place flowers/fruits at the feet of Lord Shanmugam under the banyan tree has evoked a spiritual question? I wonder though what is the significance of Lord Shanmugam under this tree and the age of the tree. I thank you for sharing the beautiful Lord Shanmugam!

  3. Himalayan Academy says:

    Aum Sivaya, Chandra: The tree is proably about 100 years old, we keep putting a small Ganesha image in crannies of the main trunk and they are “consumed” as the tree grows around them. There are about six little Ganapati’s inside the tree by now. Gurudeva loved to put large images here and there. These are not murthis to be worshiped as such but evoke reverence and devotion nevertheless. Among the many initiatives Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami made, one was to immerse ourselves in the art and culture of our faith and to bring these images into our landscape, environment and homes. Huge sculptures in outdoor environments is a global phenomenon in many cultures. The significance being, IMHO in all cases: inspiration, reverence to make us look up and beyond, to lift our heads and hearts to bigger realms and fire up our aspirations.


  4. Sankuthi (Chandra Hoezoo) says:

    Aum Nama Sivaya!

    Thank you Sivakatirswami for your candid reply about the banyan tree. It will no doubt serve me well in the future!

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