Mahabalipuram Meetings

After wrapping up in Pondicherry, our team moved on to Mahabalipuram.

Here is Bodhinatha meeting with Sri Rajeev from Kerala who came to see the team. He is an artist who drew the story artwork in the children’s books on Self-Discipline and Religious Life books.

He gifted Bodhinatha with a beautiful painting of Ganesha. He had a meeting with Acharya Arumuganathaswami to discuss the next project.

Selvanathan Sthapati, his wife Ponni and Segar Sthapati came to meet Bodhinatha and the monks and the team

Then we visited several sites where some of our Iraivan work were commissioned.

Good progress are being made on the Nandi and entrance step yallis

Iraivan sanctum door with wax model deities

The Yalli stone that will go on either side of the entrance.

Some required refinement details are being discussed with Yoginathaswami.

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  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Wow, it’s going to be an amazing door…full of all the prana from the inner sanctum!

  2. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Have a safe trip in India.

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