Study Group — Silver Vel Satsang in Maryland


Here are the photos of the “Silver Vel Satsang” held at our home today (12:00 to 4:00 PM 16 July 2011). Shanmuganathaswami talked to the Satsang devotees on the phone to discuss about the up coming picnic with the Satsang devotees and the Children attending the Sunday School at the Murugan Temple of North America during Satguru Bodhinatha’s visit to the Nallur Festival (at the Murugan Temple of North America on 13 August 2011). He also answered questions devotees asked on Color’s Magic (Chapter 34 in Gurudeva’s Book “Merging with Siva”).

The Satsang devotees were asked to read this Chapter on Color’s Magic by Shanmuganathaswami before the Satsang meeting.

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