Satsang and Pada Puja

On July 17th, the Golden Gate Mission had the monthly satsang and pada puja at the home of Easvan and Devi Param in Walnut Creek.

After the satsang was over, we had a little tea break while the host was preparing for pada puja.

Various abhishegam items were used for the silent pada puja.

Arati lamp.

Everybody chanted 108 names of Bodhinatha while the sandals were decorated with flowers and garlands. Then everyone sang 'Engal Gurunathan' while the sacraments were being passed.

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  1. adi sankara says:

    AUMSIVAYA… Seems there was a lot of energy in the satsang. How good one feel that souls like us on another part of the world are doing same as us in this little corner of planet earth ! Our “Aumsivaya” to the Golden Gate Mission! AUM

  2. Markandu says:

    the homa fire just looks like a rooster…Lord Muruga came and blessed the homa!!!
    Rejoice ye men!

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