Guru Purnima 2011 Mauritius Part 2

We bring the second and last series of our Guru Purnima celebration photos at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius.

Kulapati Siven Koothan reading the message sent by Bodhinatha for this occasion. "Our life energy can be compared to petrol. Petrol in and of itself is neither good nor bad. It simply provides energy. The qualities come from what the petrol is used to power, for example a bus that carries tourists or a tank that attacks a neighboring country without provocation. Many temples in India have a system of a long water pipe with many spigots on it so that crowds of people can wash their hands and feet at the same time. Imagine a water pipe that has fourteen spigots. These correspond to the seven higher chakras and the seven lower chakras. Water flows through the different spigots, or chakras, based on the type of actions in which we regularly engage."

Devotees listening attentively. "Performing a daily vigil, attending temple weekly, engaging in devotional singing or playing a Hindu instrument, are all actions that lift our life energy into the higher chakras which in terms of our analogy causes the water to flow out through the faucets of willpower, cognition and on occasion divine love. Not performing these actions means that our energies are not raised and would tend to flow out through reason, memory, fear and on occasion anger."

A Mac powered iWork keynote presentation by Kulapati Rajen Manick on the meaning of Guru Purnima and the importance of a Guru.

The presentation was very graphically animated with Natchintanaii songs as background music at intervals.

Here is the movie showing Bodhinatha inaugural talk for the Church private website for sishyas and advanced students. The word of the evening: "Don't be shy !" to log on and use this site to connect to our great siva sambandhan.

Kulapati Kulagan Mooneesawmy, the event coordinator thanking everyone and giving a few news regarding future cultural activities in the pipeline.

Kulapati Sk Moorghen giving a testimony and stressing on Guru Dakshina on Guru Puja days.

Prostration to the Holy Tiruvadi of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, reminding us of the Guru's teachings: "Of course, you don't have to always go to the top of a mountain to clearly see the patterns in your thoughts. Once we have caught the idea, we can become quite skilled at seeing patterns and adjusting them no matter where we are. For example, if we find ourselves remembering specific events of the past on a regular basis, it shows it is an experience we have not resolved. Gurudeva suggests writing down such experiences and burning the paper and to continue doing this until we no longer think about the experience much at all. This shows it is resolved."

Two newly enrolled MC students, Kevin and Yadevi from Curepipe.

Another new MC student, Varounen, an IT programmer who studied in Bangalore.

A meal was served to all after the ceremony.

Everyone sat on the steps of the Mandapam to enjoy the meal.

A few of our youth who stayed till the end for a souvenir photo together.

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