Magical Coleus

Yogi Jothinatha cares for the gardens in the front of our property and has propagated a lot of Solenostemon plants, this popular ornamental is commonly known as “Coleus”.

This delicate herbacious perennial thrives in Hawaii as long as it gets enough water and is happiest in a slightly shaded area.

It is noted for the lovely colors of its’ leaves.

Mature plants throw up a delicate inflorescence stem with tiny blue flowers.

This design is fairly common, but the plant is self-hybridizing and cross-pollinating and new arrays of colors are constantly magically being born month after month as if some designer deva were having fun with a color palette making ever new coleus designs.

Green with a maroon center…

Rich purple with a bright violet center…

OK so, let’s mix it up now… bright green leaves with a maroon inner veins and put the violet center inside that!

Delicate cream interior on green…

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  1. Amma Debora says:

    Dear Yogi Jothinatha, your garden is really a delight! I´ve seen you taking care of it with such sweetness… Lovely, Lovely!

  2. Ashwinee says:

    these are so lovely, we call them Joseph coat here in Trinidad, they make great ground cover and good colour.

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