Mauritius Catalyst Workshop

It was raining heavily that morning and the way leading to the the Spiritual Park was in a real muddy state. However, the bad and cold weather did not discourage our Catalysts to turn up to the Saiva Dharmasala to attend the whole day workshop which ended at around 3.00 pm.

Our dedicated couple, Ananda and Anandee are teaching a group of 20 youth from the "Saivite Hindu Religion" series in Quatre Bornes.

From left, Kulamata Arnasalon, Kamila, Veena and Kulamata Munian.

One of the sessions was on Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's teaching file on the Yamas and Niyamas, containing a series of lessons with practical examples. These examples were real good prompts for group discussion on the topic.

With Saiva Siddhanta Church introducing the teaching of Natchintanai in the "Saivite Hindu Religion" series syllabus, catalysts were able to learn through a keynote presentation, the Church perspective of teaching, learning and singing devotional songs through Gurudeva's Upadesha on "Singing to the Gods"

Participants learned about how the youth are to be taught simple songs to allow them communicate their gratitude to the Divine. One of the favorite formulas learned from Gurudeva during that workshop was: "You are just contacting home when you invoke the second world".

Another keynote item… On the whole it was a very nice workshop. Participants look forward to meet again in two months. In the mean time they have been equipped with the proper tools from Bodhinatha, to use in their respective classes.

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