Iraivan's Entry Steps Progress

Silpi Raman, a silpi from the first batch of workers who went to Kauai for jointing is still working efficiently with us. Here he is carving the Nandi Mandapam steps stone.

Totally we have seven steps that lead into the mandapam.

This is a rough sketch done by Selvanathan sthapati as part of the stage two of ornamentaion work to be done on the steps. Sthapati has finalized a yalli head design for the center motif and alangu flower motif for the top band of the Nandi Mandapam steps.

The half side sketch of the nasi head design.This will be flipped over to complete the nasi

The nasi after its composed on paper. This will be carved onto the steps.

The flower motif on the top band of the step. Our Nandi Mandapam is going to be one of the most exclusive pieces of art crafted in stone ever to be hand carve in this century !!

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  1. Rouillie Wilkerson says:

    I for one am grateful for crafts people, they make all the difference in the world. 🙂

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