Electric Service Wall Built in Five Hours

Today we are fortunate to have two master masons on site. Gordy Wilson and Gilbert have both worked on the Iraivan temple temple roof. Today they are building the CMU block wall for the new electrical service that will be installed soon. Here Gilbert is laying down the first course.

Gordy is mixing mortar. They are both taking the time to mentor the Siddhidata Kulam team and Brahmachari Mayuran who is serving in the SK for several weeks. Getting the cement mixed properly is a important key. The “mud” must be just the right thickness.

Here Gilbert shows how the mortar is applied to the end of the blocks.

The base course is mission critical. It sets the level for the whole wall.

A line is stretched to set the elevation for the rest of the blocks on the base course.

Dry mortar for the job.

Both men are experts at this work and it moves forward swiftly with the monks helping.

Four courses completed…

Yoginathaswami comes to check on the work.

The tenth course is almost done… Mayuran is working on joints.

Sadhaka Tejadevanatha being trained…this wall will be used to hold the new service panels and meter.

Twelve courses completed in five hours! Congratulations to the team and special thanks to Gilbert and Gordy for their contribution and patience in sharing the skills and experience with our monks!

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