Hiking the Alakai Swamp Trail

Yesterday three monks hiked the Alakai Swamp Trail in Kokee State Park on the northwest side of Kauai. There is a swamp at the very top of Kauai, just behind Mt. Waialeale, at around 4,200 feet. The trail is made up mostly of an old boardwalk that renders it traversable. Enjoy our simple swamp depth test at one point in the video. We hiked from the trailhead in Waimea Canyon on the west side all the way to the north end, called the Kilohana Vista, where, on a clear day one can see all the way down to Haena, Hanalei Bay and Princeville. It was cloudy this time, and it was quite the experience walking through the clouds near the summit. The vegetation up here is not like the rest of Kauai; it is high tropical mountain forest, with mosses and lichens, Ohia Lehua groves, ferns of all kinds, some evergreens and only a handful of other vegetation--and not a single mosquito! Jai to Siva’s perfect universe.

We highly recommend switching from 360p to the 720p HD version of the video using the button in the controller bar underneath the video. Enjoy full screen!

No Responses to “Hiking the Alakai Swamp Trail”

  1. Amma Debora says:

    I loved both the monksĀ“ hike and the video!

  2. esan says:

    Great view from the top of Mt Waialeale and fun banjo music !

  3. Ushadevi says:

    Great video and captions! The ginger! We just saw some for the first time in Fallbrook!

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