Electrical Work Continues

Pradeep Chand is here. He has his own company Hawaiian Pacific Trenching. Pradeep is a master of earth works and is digging a trench for the incoming electrical conduit.

Pradeep can carve the earth to 1/2 inch tolerances!

Yoginathaswami oversees the project. In the back you can see the new service wall in action with panels mounted.

John works for Pradeep. He says “I’m a happy man!”

Why the electrical upgrade you may ask? It’s very simple. The current infrastructure was installed in the ’50’s. Over the past six decades we have added more and more electrical outlets on the monastery side of the incoming electrical “pipe.” And although there is plenty of power on the outside to meet the needs on the inside we have to upgrade a whole need incoming line to meet the demands.

Pradeep is concentrated…no time to pose for the camera…

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