Making Use of Good Old Equipment

Sadhaka Satyanatha blesses our newly restored 1981 Ford 4600, a 56-horsepower tractor.

Yes, we know the tractor looks like something only its mother could love, but just because some things are old does not mean that they were not well-build.

We did a lot of work restoring the bucket and getting it custom fit to the front-end loader. Now it runs just fine. In fact, it has a PTO feauture we wish we had on our newer machines.

This tracker is dedicated to mowing our noni field using this “Kickwheel Sidecutter” mower in front and a 7′ mower in the back (not yet attached.) It’s a very efficient setup for an orchard. The mower head runs out to the right of the tractor, allowing you to mow underneath the trees. The round mowing head has a rubber bumper, so that if it hits the trunk of a tree, it simple moves out of the way without doing any damage.

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  1. amma debora says:

    One mom loves the tractor and the monks who restore the tractor as well…

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