New Phase Begins

We begin a new phase with homa.

Bodhinatha gave a wonderful talk on devotion and how we need to help the youth find bhakti.

Maha Samadhi Souvenir, 2010 Completed

Sadhaka Satyanatha is happy to show us the final production of the annua Maha Samadhi Souvenir. He has been the driving force behind this work each year.

This year we have a beautiful booklet that he designed with quotes from Gurudeva and two DVD’s with videos of Gurudeva never seen before. These were all exquisitely printed in Malaysia by Sampoorna under the direction of A. Selvam.

These are being shipped out to all the initiated chelas of Bodhinatha and Saiva Siddhanta Church.

Stay tuned if you are not in the above group as they will be available soon at our Minimela eStore. To reserve your copy (it’s a limited edition) or to pre-order, contact [email protected] .

Inside designs are taken from Iraivan temple decorative drawings….

Gurudeva: “Be the noble soul you came to this Earth to be.”

Mauritius: Akshay Plants Parijata

This morning got a call from the contractor who is working on the developments here. He asked permission for his son to plant a most sacred jasmine plant at the Spiritual Park.

He announced the departure of his son Akshay to USA for further studies in architecture on a scholarship. He prayed to Lord Ganesha and was happy that his son came out first in the world, on technical drawings. Akshay is the leaving day after tomorrow. He helped with the drawings for the extension to Ganesha Mandapam plans and water front works.

The Jasmine plant was planted in the afternoon, today 11-1-11, on the beginning of fasting for Thai Poosam Cavadee, in presence of his family members.

Best wishes to you Akshay in your studies in USA!

Mauritius Property Development

The Mauritius property rises sharply up from the edge of the river at where it enters the sea. It present a safey problem for the public. We have completed a boundary fence all along the edge.

This was lovely estate that was build many decades ago. the lovely railing that was placed in those days is now very fragile and erosion has brought right to the edge in some places. The boundary fence is placed further inside.

From here you can see the river edge extension below,

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