Sun Three

The Siddhidata Kulam gave its news today. Sadhaka Nilakantha is off on his third “year in the world” discipline, which is one of the traditions established by Gurudeva for the sadhaka. Every three years they go out into the world for 6 months or a year to live as solitary sadhus working at a job, sometimes settling family matters, living as monks during this time, alone. After three successful cycles they remain in the monastery permanently.

So the SK has more work on their shoulders as Sadhaka did a lot in the garden and managing our fruit harvests.

Hinduism Today Site Upgrade

Our Hinduism Today web site has undergone a major upgrade.

For the “web geeks” among us, we use the XOOPs PHP Content Management System and this upgrade was to the latest XOOPS version 2.5. The theme does not look much different than before but is more refined, runs much faster and now sports a a really cool rotating video presentation on the home page. Paramacharya Palaniswami used his Keynote skills to highlight current issue features and Senthilnathaswami ported this to video.

Hindu Press International on the web site will be back online this afternoon, having been off the site for some time during the upgrade.

Check it out: Hinduism Today

Images from Mauritius

Sundays are busy days at the Spiritual Park. Hundreds of visitors, old and young, come to see Lord Pancha Muka Ganapathi

At the river front, a six-inch thick layer of crushed gravel is been placed. Once complete it will be covered with four inches of coral sand.

A group of volunteer from Mahebourg with the team leader Ravi is helping today.

The pump house for the newly acquired pump.

Note the finish of its roof: a concrete shingles finish..

Pump House, materials and labour have been donated by the contractor.

It is mango season and all the trees are prolific as usual!

Hundreds of ripe mangoes that litter the grounds around the Mandapam are removed every day.

An Entry Way View

Ralph and Stevanne together.

Stevanne shows us what a visitor sees on arrival at the front. First approaching the Puakenikeni Mandapam

Visitor’s write down their problem and subconscious garbage and burn it. Other take free tour guides.

Next we see the Nepali Ganesha…

The stone arch and lotus gateway…

Entering into a mini-paradise on earth.

Our Minimela information center.

coming up to the Kadavul temple passing under the banyan tree.

Shama Kumaran to greet us. She and the other Wailua sishya ever ready to serve.

Inside Kadavul from outside the door.

Lovely artifacts all around.

Kadavul temple…

Then the entry to the world of San Marga.

Iraivan in the distance.

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