Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-01-28

  • After an early morning walk along the bay in cold, foggy Burlingame, Bodhinatha is getting ready for his flight to Dallas. #
  • Bodhinatha at work on his iPad in the SFO Red Carpet Club. #
  • Arrived Dallas. This evening dinner at Jiger Patel's home then out to the ranch in Plano for our retreat with @HinduStudents Assoc. leaders #
  • Off to the ranch. Yeeehaw! #
  • At the ranch out in rural Lucas, Texas, everything is Texas sized. There are step ladders to get up to the beds. #

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Bodhinatha Off to Texas

Yesterday Bodhinatha flew to California, over night by the airport and then a morning flight today to Texas.

He is traveling with Senthilnathaswami. They will be presenting at the Hindu Students Association Emerging Chakra leader’s retreat this weekend, staying the week in Dallas and then joining the general membership for the HSA Gateway students’ retreat next weekend, flying home on Friday the 8th.

Sun One Homa

The always awesome Sun One Homa begins another dynamic phase at the Aadheenam.

Conducted this phase by Saravananathaswami

Janava Dharmadeva Becomes Arul Sishya

Janava Dharmadeva, Himalayan Academy Master Course formal student, recently completed the three levels of study. Now he has taken his Arulsishya vows in the presence of our Malaysia sishyas while he was visiting Kuala Lumpur with his family to attend Tai Pusam celebrations at Batu Caves.


He gives some testimony to the group. Janava has been a student of Gurudeva for several decades, he lives in Thailand with his Thai wife and children.

This is a big fulfillment for him. Welcome to the Satsang of Saiva Siddhanta Church, Janava!

Religious Class in Malaysia

Brother Kailasam and team has been running Sunday classes for children since last year.. Here are some shots taken recently….

Sister Annapoorani, Barathy and Sarkuna run the classes according to the different age groups. Today's lesson includes story of Semmana Selvi…

The little ones learn how to sit in the right posture to meditate…What a technique!

Kedaresa performs a magic show. It was a special performance for the class.

The little ones were trilled!!!!

All of them were given a chance to try the trick….Little Niranjana enjoys having her turn!! Jai Ganapathi!

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