Sun Three

Cool, quiet dynamic energy flows through the Aadheenam.

Along with a steady stream of visitors.

Summa Iru -- Be Still


Yesterday we journeyed into the Five Faces and Five Graces of Sadasiva. Today we are thrilled to share with all CyberCadets this new work of art. It arrived from our artist in Denmark who is doing the entire series for our article on Pancha Brahman. What a delightful interpretation and masterful execution. Pieter, the artist, is working on Vamadeva today! Stay tuned.

Silpis's Testimonies on Their Work on Iraivan

Before our recent team of silpis left Kauai to return home to India, we interviewed them. Listen now to what they have to say about their two years of service in the building of Iraivan temple. A new team of silpis will arrive later this year to finish the Nandi Mandapam and start building the perimeter wall.

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