Mayor Visits with Island Leaders

Mayor Bernard Carvalho visited again to day with an important group:

Current Island-Wide Established Visionary Leaders ~ Core Group

Representatives of Kauaian Systems and Movement Leaders in Service with Positional and Personal Power, Purpose and Passion

Yoginathaswami give the mayor a shawl.

Core Leader Group Members attending today:

Bernard Carvalho, Jr. ~ Government, Mayor, County of Kaua`i
Bill Arakaki ~ Kaua`i County Public Education, Superintendent of Schools
Mason Chock ~ Leadership Kaua`i, Team Challenge Kauai, Pres.
Kathy Clark, RN, BSN, MBA, FACHE, ~ Medical, President and CEO, Wilcox Memorial Hosp.
Helen Cox ~ Higher Education, Chancellor, Kaua`i Community College/U of Hawaii,
Barbara Curl ~ Non-Profit ~ Kaua`i Aloha Foundation, Founder and President
Laurie Ho ~ USDA-NRCS-Resource, Conservation and Develop Program, Coordinator
Susan A. Kanoho ~ Visitors Industry, Executive Director, Kaua`i Visitors Bureau

Char Ravelo ~ Health, Inspiration Journal, Kaua`i Health and Wellness Association/KHWA and Kauai Wellness Expo., President and Founder; OC16 TV -- INSPIRATION Program

Diane Zachary ~ Community Development, Kaua`i Planning and Action Alliance, CEO

Others members are: Puna Dawson, Randy Hee( KIUC -Ill ), Warren Haruki (pending)


Pat Griffin, President of Lihue Business Association
Neil Clendeninn, Chairman of Lihue Tomorrow, Lihue Business Association
George Costa, Director, Office of Economics Development, County of Kauai
Randy Francisco, President and CEO, Kaua`i Chamber of Commerce
Palmer Halfdahl, AIA, Pres. of Kauai Assoc. of Architects, VP, Lihue Business Assoc.
John Latkiewicz, PhD., Director of Small Business Development Center, U of H/KCC
Ken Stokes, The Kauaian Institute

Yoginathaswami shares with him the meaning of shawl.

Bodhinatha shared with everyone the core legacy of Gurudeva.

Gurudeva gave us the teachings in the form of his books, primarily the Trilogy.

Gurudeva established Kauai Aadheenam and the monastic order to teach the teachings, and he established endowments to ensure their long term survival.

Paramacharya Palaniswami shared with everyone how the Hindu Solidarity mission of Hinduism Today, which promotes all Hindu organizations and leaders, has gained worldwide recognition.

Arumugaswami explained how the monastery has helped the local community through our behind the scenes leadership work on Kauai, especially our work with the East Kauai Water Coop and the Kalepa Land Coalition. Both of these organizations were supported by the monks and two key areas of our life on East Kauai were sustained as a result: the irrigation system, so crucial for farming and the Aadheenam, and the positive development of the 6,000 acres across the river from Iraivan, that is now back in the hands of Kauai residents.

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