Kauai Aadheenam Filled with Pilgrims

Today a large group came after celebrating a wedding the other day in Poipu. Dr. Pemmaraju and Rani Rao and Dr. Halekote Kumara brought a group from San Antono, Texas, and London comprising one side of the wedding, and Sundari and Velayudhan Velu brought a group from southern California comprising the other side.

Exploring Iraivan Temple

hearing about the three important visions Gurudeva had on the Aadheenam grounds.

almost everyone together

trying out stone carving

first group has darshan with Bodhinatha

young boy is fascinated with Bodhinath’s beard

Dr. Pemmaraju and Rani Rao from San Antonio

And then the other group had darshan. In both meetings, the groups asked the same questions about how to keep the youth from being disinterested in the community temple and being religious. Bodhinatha said the key is education and giving more responsibility. Education the youth in the meaning of the temple and why it benefits them. Perform puja at home as a family and youth learn how to perform Ganesha puja, so that temple puja will then have more meaning. Give youth meaningful responsibilities for temple activities and special events, more than just parking cars out in the cold at night.

Sri D.N. Anand, his wife Smt Vijaya Anand and son Vinay are visiting for the first time (pictured on left). The family is close to Kailash Ashram in Bangalore. The parents live a short walk from Kailash Ashram, while Vinay lives in California. Sri DN Anand is the former Accountant General of Karnataka, Vice President of National Education Society of Bangalore, and Trustee of Sri Rajeshwari Vidyashala, an academic school associated with Kailash Ashram.

On the right in the photo are Yatish and Usha Maharaj visiting from San Francisco, originally from Fiji.

Sri DN Anand and wife have met Satguru Bodhinatha when he visited Kailash Ashram. Now they are happy to finally meet him here on Kauai.

Yatish and Usha did a short renewal of their wedding vows in front of Satguru.

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