Kondapi Family Visit Iraivan and San Marga

Anil and Jyothi Kondapi, daughters Meera and Manu, and Jyothi’s parents are here from Arizona on pilgrimage. They attend satsangs with Chellappa and Banu Deva. Jyothi is interested to become a sishya and is reading the Master Course trilogy to learn what it’s all about.

The Kondapi family visited last year but missed doing abhishekam to the outdoor Narmada Lingam, so they were determined to do so this time. Since the water is still not flowing normally in our ponds, they had an adventure to collect water from a pond further downstream

with all the water collected, they’re ready to do abhishekam while chanting some mantras.

Devotion to Parasiva

Enjoying a cooling foot dip in the Wailua River afterwards.

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