Darshans with Bodhinatha

We are back after a three-day retreat. Here are some photos from last phase’s pilgrims.

Jai and Ganga Murugan on pilgrimage from Edmonton, Canada. Longtime devotees, on this visit they were reinstated as formal sishyas in Saiva Siddhanta Church

Kondapi family from Phoenix, Arizona, coming toward the close of their pilgrimage. The daughters Meera and Manu sang beautifully every day; Anil and Jyothi study the Master Course trilogy lessons every day at home. We will be including some of the songs by the sister’s in the music library of our new web site.

Mr. and Mrs. Umakanthan with daughter Janani and grandson Kailash visiting from southern California and New York. Three of them have visited many times before, but this is Kailash’s first visit since being born.

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