Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-10-15

  • Today we wish our beloved Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami a happy 69th birthday. Aum Namah Sivaya! #
  • At dusk the monks gather to present gifts, tell tales & sing "Happy jayanthi, Bodhinatha, happy jayanthi to you!" #

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Happy Bodhinatha Jayanti!

Today is the auspicious day of Satguru Bodhinatha’s Jayanti. He asked that there be no major festival conducted, but still the monks will be holding a small birthday party this evening. We offer today at Bodhinatha’s feet all our love and devotion with these verses from by Saint Tirumular from the Tirumantiram:

The Guru.

127. In Siva was he rooted: Sivam did he see everywhere.
In the will of Siva did he discern all things,
Transcending consciousness of past present and future,
And duality ceasing did he realize sweet serenity.

1576. He who’s beyond the visible universe, came down on earth
As a Guru to abide in the hearts of the virtuous,
And illumined them by His grace and made them His own.
The peerless Siva is the priceless NatGuru.

1581. The Guru indeed is Siva,
He is the kingly splendor too;
He is beyond the wisdom of the Vedas.
He is beyond all finite consciousness.

1584. If not for the grace of Siva who came as the Guru,
The import of the scripture,
The way leading to liberation,
The reality of Truth cannot be understood by man.

1527. Endowing me with equanimity, the power of Grace
Descended as the Guru and purged my dross,
And enlightened me from the sway of my ego.
Thus freed did I commingle with Siva.

2959. When you meditate on the form of thy Guru
Then all the bonds that bind you
To this prison house of the body
Shall give way and make you free in Siva.

2971. SivaPeruman did I invoke and adore whence,
He came down as my Guru in the form of a sage.
The majestic Lord did overpower me as my Guru,
And I pay my homage to this Lord of the universe.

1590. Sternly did my Guru chastise my ignorance;
He placed his holy hands on my head,
And his beauteous Feet lit up
The secret chambers of my heart.”

Resourceful Siddhidata Kulam Electric Work Continues

With the main conduit piping of the new electrical system all now safe and sound beneath the ground, the next stage it to actually get the new electrical cables through all the pipes.

Normally you will have to pay a contractor $1,000’s of dollars for this part of the operation. But, since it does not require a professional license just to put electrical cables through pipes, the Siddhidata Kulam has decided to do this work themselves and save a bundle for the Aadheenam construction budget.

First they used scrap metal from our property and created this big holder for four giant spools of huge thick copper wires that weight altogether nearly a ton.

Yoginathaswami design this and Sadhaka Tejadevanatha welded it all together with footings that will slide onto the forks of the Caterpillar Skid Steer.

Next a light weight cord is tied to a plastic bag that is blown up and inserted into one end of the pipe that goes some 200 yards from this point back to the new intake panel wall. Down inside this whole a vacuum cleaner is attached to this end of the pipe and it sucks the bag all the way through the pipe. Then the light cord is used to pull a heavier rope back through the pipe all the way out to the other end where the spools of wire will be attached.

Them we will use the our small track hoe to be the mule that will pull all four cables through the conduit. Today was all set up day. Tomorrow the fun begins and the team will do the actual feeding of cables.

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