Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-10-02

  • Many bhaktars in the temple today. By their shoes we see they had a more-than-usual sense of orderliness. #

  • See the full report of the HMEC conference on HPI. One of the most successful Hindu gatherings. #

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Iraivan Temple: Drawing the Yesti Designs

This if the final part of the drawings and its the closeup of the makaram. Its an composed of various animals like parrot, crocodile elephant etc. We can see the elephant trunk, then a crocodile like mouth and it has wings and legs of a bird.

This is the elephant that is holding or pulling the makaram. This yesti is a double step yesti.

Selvanathan Stapathi fine tuning the temple part of it.

Shekar Stapathi and Assistant Stapathi Manikantan again, yes we have two Manikantans in our site. This is the one in the blue shirt. He was also part of the last batch of silpis. Here, they are working on the front elevation of the yesti.

More formations of the same.

And Stapathi marks the same yesti on a piece of tracing so that we can make a cement model from it before carving.

San Antonio Temple Group Visit

Today a large group from San Antonio, Texas, visited the monastery. After attending the Siva puja, visiting Iraivan Temple and having darshan with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, they visited the Ganapati Kulam to spend some time with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Sannyasin Senthilnathaswami. This is such a lively and harmonious group of three generations. To Sadasivanathaswami's left in orange kurta is Dr. Ramakrishna Rao, and to his right in maroon shirt is Dr. Narasimha Pemmaraju Rao, two of the founding members of the Hindu Temple of San Antonio (several other of the founding members are pictured as well--too many to name!). Gurudeva advised them on numerous matters when they started their Venkateshvara temple on a hill in Helotes, just outside San Antonio, in 1984, and at their request provided a beautiful Ardhanarishvara murti 15 years later for which they built an entirely separate, small shrine building.

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