Mahasamadhi Final Day Morning

Day Four of Mahasamadhi observances began with the morning aarti for Gurudeva. During Bodhinatha's satsang he give a copy of Guru Chronicles to each pilgrim family.

A team of ladies from Perth: Sornavanita and Thamilmani and Malaysia: Nalakini, Brahmacharini Barathy her sister Sarkunavathy joined to create small kolams outside of Kadavul on the floor of the Nandi Mandapam.

In the Ganapati Kulam a team from California worked with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami with brainstorming plans for the complete overhaul, re-design and renovation of the publications building. This work space is a 50-year old "lanai" that is due for an upgrade.

In Kadavul, Kumarswamy Gurukkal is busy making extensive preparation for the incredible puja to come later in the day, wrapping kumbhas with colored thread.

Mahasamadhi Final Puja

The final grand puja for Gurudeva began at 3:30 PM in the afternoon of the 25th. Kumarswami Gurukkal conducted a long and powerful sankalpa and kumbha homa. His powerful chanting and very focused invocation of the guru definitely opened the doors to the inner worlds. With repeated invocations of "Aum Shrim Satguru Hawaii Sivaya Subramuniya, Svaha!" and other mantras which he called for everyone in the room to repeat after him, we could feel Gurudeva's presence with full power and grace as if he had stepped down from the devaloka and came right into the temple.

After the homa, Bodhinatha carried the kumbha around Nandi. Then came the abhishekam and final aarti. After four and a half hours, we were all entranced in bliss, bathed in joy, raised up in a deep sense of love and gratitude for the gifts of our Parampara as we sang rousing bhajans while prasadam was being passed out to all.

Mahasamadhi Celebrations Day 3: Havana

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