Mahasamadhi Vratas and Samskaras

The major festivals at Kauai Aadheenam are auspicious times for members to advance on their religious and spiritual path.

On October 25 morning, Vishesha Diksha was given to Ramesh and Saraswathy Sivanathan from Malaysia. This is the second of two dikshas that Saiva Siddhanta Church sishyas prepare to receive. This diksha marks formal entrance into the Sri Subramuniya Gotra and gives the blessing to perform daily personal Siva Atmartha Puja, either the long, medium or short version depending on time available.

After the vishesha diksha, four Arulsishyas took their next step of formal entrance into Saiva Siddhanta Church by taking vows to become Vratasishya.

Sun One, the 27th, brought the beginning of a new phase with an auspicious homa. This time our little ones the focus, Rahneya Aravindraj received both her Vidya Rambha (beginning education) and Karnaveda (ear-piercing). Then her brother Jagatheeshwar Aravindraj had his ears pierced. Bela Sundari ParamBela Sundari Param received her Karnaveda and finally Aran Om Malhotra.

It is hard to describe the combination of sanctity, joyous upliftment and happy fun spirit that all blossomed together during these samskaras. It reminded us of how wonderful are our Hindu traditions.

Mahasamadhi 2011 in Toronto


Gurudeva's 10th Mahasamadhi anniversary puja was observed in Toronto at the Thiruvadi Nilyam.

It was attended by over 250 devotees.

Swamis Connect With Next Generation

Jeyendra (left) and Bhajana Param have been spending some time the swamis while they are here. Jeyendra has been reading the stories in our children's books and giving his insights to Acharya Arumuganathaswami. Bhajana had been talking with Sivakatirswami about helping with functional specification for future games we might create to help engage youth and teach our faith.

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