Last Week's Tour

With the holiday season many Hindu families with children are free to travel. Our last tour was on the 23rd. The Aadheenam gardens are a magical setting to share a few basic beliefs of Hinduism in the spirit of education. Many are from Western faiths and they are interested to hear the Hindu declaration that God never punishes. Our law of karma explains that it is our own thoughts, speech and action which are the powerful forces that spin out into the cosmos and return to us as the temporary creations and circumstances of our life. We also have Hindus coming to Kauai for events like a wedding only to be told by the locals about Hindu temple they can visit. Paramacharya Sadasivanathswami signed books for guests today. He explained to one fortunate couple Gurudeva's insistence on zero tolerance for inharmonious conditions, and how to apply it - both in the monastery and in family life. Holiday season brings the little ones and our new children's books are a big hit with Hindu families. They are real life stories of challenges children face with practical, modern examples and answers of how to work through them.

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